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Date selection enhancement - Job Log Report

Problem Context When looking projects in the Project Job Log report, i am unable to pick specific dates to look at. Idea Add the date selector from the Saw reports.
about 2 months ago in BC Connect 0

Full Width Opti pages

Problem Context When working within the Optimizer module, i am unable to easily read or manipulate the smaller pieces in the optimization when viewing the read only screen or edit cut screen. Idea Expand the view to use the full width of the screen.
about 2 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked

Project Delete

Problem Context Users report frustration that they are unable to delete projects. Users do not fully embrace that projects can be repurposed or there is greater emphasis on created date than repurposing would support. Users want to remove projects...
4 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked

Add "undo" and "redo" functionality

Reverting to a previous version is not a suitable solution when a mistake is made, and having to redo part (or all) of a drawing because you can't use ctrl+z feels like a large oversight.
2 months ago in BC Estimator 3 Will not implement

Add Holes - Default Hole Size Units

Problem Context When adding holes, the default unit is Feet, which is confusing since if not caught, will cause the hole placement to fail due to hole size. Idea Change the default units to Inches.
3 months ago in BC Connect 0

Upload project attachments at Project Create

Problem Context When I am creating a new project, I have to create the project completely so that I can navigate to the attachments tab before I can upload any attachments. Idea Allow project attachments to be uploaded as the project is being crea...
3 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked

Project Template

Problem Context When i create a project, i have a lot of information that i need to add manually, depending on project type. This is time consuming, and it would be nice to have it automated. Idea Allow a project starting point to be defined so th...
3 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked

Custom Project Number

Problem Context When a project starts in an "outside" application, i need to match my BC Connect project numbers to the outside application number. I am currently unable to do this, so it can create confusion when i use other fields to track the p...
3 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked

Import Agility Sales Order information as a Material list

Problem Context When i am working on a project that needs a quote before it moves into operations, i will sometimes create the material list information in agility before it is created in BC Connect. This causes me to have to duplicate effort to b...
3 months ago in BC Connect 0

Blocking - Move Pull and Ship pieces back out into cut solution

Problem Context When the system identifies blocking pieces in the material list to handle as Pull and Ship, i am unable to move any of that original amount back out in the solution to be included in cuts. Idea Allow these pull and ship pieces to b...
3 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked