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Add "undo" and "redo" functionality

Reverting to a previous version is not a suitable solution when a mistake is made, and having to redo part (or all) of a drawing because you can't use ctrl+z feels like a large oversight.
2 months ago in BC Estimator 3 Will not implement

Add a feature to allow for an alternate MFG's hangers

With the change to Mitek, we still have clients that will use Simpson, or want to have both Simpson and Mitek listed. Can we get a feature to list an alternate hanger, ie option 2 or Option 3? Basically a second or third column beside the primary ...
5 months ago in BC Framer 1 Will not implement

Undo Button

Would like an undo that would go back maybe 5 steps. Seems it would be easier than having to say drag something to a place and have to drag it back to original spot.. Would use this alot also
12 months ago in BC Estimator 1 Will not implement

"Draw more sections like this" added to the right click menu in the Take-Off Items list

In complex projects, the list of products used in the file often exceeds the view of the right click menu list and the pages are too large to quickly find a specific item in the digitizer. Having the option to right click on the product name that ...
over 6 years ago in BC Estimator 0 Will not implement

"Roll-Up" or create a Zip folder that contains the PEDB file and every image file being used.

There needs to be an easy way to send one zip file that contains all of the needed components for a separate user to open, extract, and view a BC Estimator project without having any source pages missing. This zip folder should be created parallel...
about 6 years ago in BC Estimator 1 Will not implement

Ability to Edit/Delete Attributes for Custom Products

User should have the ability to edit and/or delete attributes for custom products. Currently, if a mistake is made when entering an attribute, the erroneous attribute cannot be removed from the list.
over 6 years ago in BC Estimator 0 Will not implement

add capability of sister ie 2x12 with lvl products together for joist repair

No description provided
over 2 years ago in BC Calc 1 Will not implement

Add walls to members that can be sent from BC Framer to BC Calc.

Wall design is not enabled in BC Framer, but is in BC Calc. Framer already has tools to input openings quickly, so it would be helpful to take these walls and send them to Calc for tall wall design.
about 3 years ago in BC Calc 1 Will not implement

Add the partition load option back into the area loadings

You had it before and it is very useful. If the user did not need a partition load you just set it to 0
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 1 Will not implement

When applying a point load above a beam that sits on a post I would like to be able to input the square inch area above. For instance if the load above is a 3.5"x14" versa lam column.

Inputting surface area for point loads above.
almost 5 years ago in BC Calc 1 Will not implement