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Allowing Takeoff Items to be re-scaled as a group

If you have drawn a project and the scale was off, when you rescale the page correctly all of the drawn takeoff items are no longer the correct scale. It's tedius to adjust each item individually to the correct scale. If you could select all of th...
9 months ago in BC Estimator 1 Already exists

Add dimensions to openings

While you can show the dimensions of the opening themselves and the report shows the location of the openings, it would be easier to read and follow if either the dimensions to the openings were shown on the layout graphic or we had the ability to...
over 1 year ago in BC Calc 1 Already exists

As a BC Estimator user I would like to be able to show or label material differently, when it comes to spacing. Even thou it is the same material.

EX: 11-7/8" BCI 6500 @ 16" OC label differently then 11-7/8" BCI @ 12" OC. Right now they lump the material all under one label.
about 6 years ago in BC Estimator 1 Already exists

Add an option to link a hanger

Allow for a hanger to be linked so that you can have the load applied to the supporting member while also be able to select the appropriate hanger if loads change. Currently you can either have a hanger or a link, not both.
about 2 years ago in BC Calc 1 Already exists

allow link and hanger

Linking is an amazing useful tool when you are tracking downloads, but it loses it effectivity when you try to use a hanger on a link beam. It would be amazing if you could have a member link to another, and they could be connected through a hanger!
about 2 years ago in BC Calc 1 Already exists

Wind load uplift

Negative forces for Wind uplift is currently not a function allowed
over 2 years ago in BC Calc 1 Already exists

Add DGF hangers to Data Base

DGF Firewall Hangers are not in the data base, please add
almost 3 years ago in BC Estimator 1 Already exists

Notification banner requires a double click to view the full text. It should be a single click.

Hovering the mouse over the notification text changes the cursor from an arrow to the hand. This should always indicate to a user that a single click will open the item, but it doesn't work here as expected. It requires a double click.
almost 3 years ago in BC Calc 0 Already exists

Short Naming Material

As a User, I would like to have the ability to create a material short name in order to consolidate joist labels across jobs for larger multi-family projects or builders with similar floor plans across the nation. User would have the ability to ch...
over 6 years ago in BC Framer 1 Already exists

Different color line loads

As you are entering a loads for a stick-built roof system, it can often be confusing to keep up with the line loads for different ceiling areas and the roof loading. I think it would be beneficial to have different color line loads to designate ce...
over 3 years ago in BC Framer 1 Already exists