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Inventory Usage - History View

Problem Context: The current inventory usage report only allows me to see the past two months worth of data. This prevents me from tracking how much of a product or how many products i ran through processing. Idea: Add an additional tab to the rep...
5 months ago in BC Connect 0

Add a feature to allow for an alternate MFG's hangers

With the change to Mitek, we still have clients that will use Simpson, or want to have both Simpson and Mitek listed. Can we get a feature to list an alternate hanger, ie option 2 or Option 3? Basically a second or third column beside the primary ...
5 months ago in BC Framer 1 Will not implement


I cant find the undo button, ctrl z doesn't work.
over 2 years ago in BC Calc 2

System "Notification" Banner

Problem Context The current system banner does not distinguish between informational messages and alerts that users need to be aware of when an outage or performance impact has been detected. This leads to confusion, both from the system admin and...
5 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked

User Defined Landing Pages

Problem Context: Users are not able to select a specific page that they always want to start at when logging in. This leads to additional effort to navigate to that page before starting work. Idea: Provide the ability for users to directly access ...
5 months ago in BC Connect 0

Activity Log

Problem Context: The activity log lacks sufficient information to provide a comprehensive understanding of project events. There are several important actions that are not currently logged, and there is no capability to search for specific records...
5 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked


Problem Context: The current notification system is cumbersome to use and the information provided is lacking in clarity for identifying action items. The settings do not allow the user clear control over what/when they get notifications or what t...
5 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked

Wasted Space on UI

Problem Context: The Top Nav and page metadata areas occupy a significant amount of space, pushing down the important content on the page. As a result, users have to scroll a lot and struggle to view the critical project data that needs to be revi...
5 months ago in BC Connect 0 Tracked

"RFO" Save Process

Problem Context: I have been working with BC Connect for quite a while. Every time I click to set a material list to "Ready for Optimization," I have to click through a prompt reminding me that I am going to lock the list. Since I am comfortable w...
5 months ago in BC Connect 0

Allow users to dissaccociate and Simplify input of a Single Joist

Simplify the input of joists. Allow the user to input a single joist, similar to how a user is able to input beams, but to remain in appearance and labeling as a joist. Also, for it not to be associated to a container.
about 6 years ago in BC Framer 0 Planned