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Cap/Base option on Post

Similar to how a segment can have a hanger added to end A or B, the addition of a cap/base option within the count tool when specifying post via the LF use category.
almost 2 years ago in BC Estimator 0

Addition of a Status Box within the Pages Window on the Digitizer

Addition of a status check box (such as In Review / Complete / Revision) added beside the Page Names. This could help us keep better track of jobs with revisions in particular where we are revising prior work but unsure if we had completed it or n...
almost 2 years ago in BC Estimator 1

Group Labeling for Count Items within Linear Tool

The ability to create group labels for count items within the linear tool. We often use this for wall framing, however every piece has an individual label. A group label would be helpful.
almost 2 years ago in BC Estimator 0

Addition of a Grid Guide to Framing Layout Pages to Align Views

Similar to how CAD softwares provide a grid guide so you can align multiple level floor layouts at the same page location within each page.
almost 2 years ago in BC Estimator 0

Add more Preset Image Size Options

When we import an image for Start Here Framing or Revision tags we almost always are sizing somewhere between 25% and 50%. More size options within this range would be helpful. We rarely ever use a scale beyond 50%.
almost 2 years ago in BC Estimator 0

Increase Container Blocking Bay option to 4 Bays, or by Overall Length

Often a project is requiring edge blocking 4 bays deep, or to meet a minimum length such as 48". An additional 4th bay option would cover all scenarios we encounter.
almost 2 years ago in BC Estimator 0

Ability to Separate/Divide Group Labels

Often times a group label for joist or hangers crosses over individual unique piece that's not a part of the group. Separating the group label into 2 groups or more could help add clarity to the drawings.
almost 2 years ago in BC Estimator 0

As a BC Estimator user I would like to be able to show or label material differently, when it comes to spacing. Even thou it is the same material.

EX: 11-7/8" BCI 6500 @ 16" OC label differently then 11-7/8" BCI @ 12" OC. Right now they lump the material all under one label.
about 6 years ago in BC Estimator 1 Already exists

Save button closes editing window on Dashboard

As a user I would like to be able to exit the editable fields area once I hit the Save button and the saving process is complete. Currently I have to wait until the save function cycles, then hit the Cancel button to resume regular dashboard viewing.
about 6 years ago in BC Connect / Project Dashboard 0 Tracked

"Copy and Shift"

Add a right-click option that will "Copy and Shift." It would work like the Shift, but it would copy the selected item and offset (similar to offset in CAD programs). It would save several clicks of the copy and shift-paste.
about 6 years ago in BC Framer 0 Planned