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Notification banner requires a double click to view the full text. It should be a single click.

Hovering the mouse over the notification text changes the cursor from an arrow to the hand. This should always indicate to a user that a single click will open the item, but it doesn't work here as expected. It requires a double click.
about 3 years ago in BC Calc 0 Already exists

When attaching BCE or BCF file to BCC, limit lists to Active Jobs and/or Open Design Tickets

In the attached screenshot, I was connecting the BCE file to a design ticket, the drop-down menus include projects that have the sales status that is "Out for Bid" and is inactive in BCC. It would be helpful that if the drop downs don't include in...
about 6 years ago in BC Connect / Project Dashboard 0 Already Exists

"Split, Copy, Shift" (or Trim, Copy, Shift)

An advanced feature of this would be "Split, Copy, Shift" (or Trim, Copy, Shift). This would be useful when cutting a multi-span joist and offsetting it, such as at a obstruction. It would save clicks of copy, shift paste, and trim (or split at lo...
about 6 years ago in BC Framer 0

Allow List Tabs to be dragged location, instead of "Move List Left or Right"

Sometimes it is very time consuming to arrange the List Tabs, when adding/coping a new list. Dragging the tab, much like dragging the "Packs", would be very helpful
about 3 years ago in BC Estimator 0

Add Web Backer to "Count Application"

In the "Generate Count Node" "All Applications" add a line for Web Backer
about 3 years ago in BC Estimator 0

add Web Stiffeners to joist

Add a condition for bearing with Hangers & Web Stiffeners Add a condition for bearing with Normal & Web Stiffeners to "Edge Condition" Should ADD web stiffeners to "Takeoff Items" list
about 3 years ago in BC Estimator 0

Add Email file link in the Calc UI

Add an icon to the toolbar so I can email a file to someone for review without having to go into the projects management screen to email it
over 6 years ago in BC Calc 0

When using the "Save As" option on a manual material list the cursor jumps from the file name to the last create tally in a few seconds

The save as features is used so you can create multiple material list without having to exit all the way out. Is saves the last batch of materials and copies it so you can rename the file and adjust the tally as needed without having to retype eve...
over 6 years ago in BC Connect / Material Lists 1 Issue Not Reproduceable

Being able to copy a sub-folder, rename it and all the documents in the folder would copy as well into the newly named folder.

Say you have a folder named Level 2 - within the folder there are 20 manual material list. The projects Level 3 happens to be a identical to level 2. Instead of having to make all new material list or copy them individually the entire folder could...
over 6 years ago in BC Connect / Material Lists / Other 1 Tracked

Inventory manager for hangers

Add a materials manager for hangers so that I can choose which models to show in the hanger dialog results.
over 6 years ago in BC Calc 0