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Saving BC Calc offline analysis (project) should update the screen header with the file name. (New File)

It would help keep track of the file I'm working on to see the header update with the bccx file name. The file name doesn't show in the header until it is re-opened. This becomes more confusing if I open one file called Smith.bccx and save it as J...
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 1 Already exists

Changes to a default member prefix should take affect immediately.

I use the member prefix to identify first floor or second floor instead of using folders. After making a change to the member prefix the BC Calc application has to be restarted before the prefix is updated. Clicking Analysis Settings "Save" should...
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 1 Planned

We need some way of exporting the Project Dashboard into an excel document

It would be extremely beneficial for us to be able to export the Project Dashboard into an excel document. This would allow the capability to create an accurate project report outside of BCConnect. Also, you could make it where you could import th...
almost 5 years ago in BC Connect / Project Dashboard 1 Tracked

When applying a point load above a beam that sits on a post I would like to be able to input the square inch area above. For instance if the load above is a 3.5"x14" versa lam column.

Inputting surface area for point loads above.
almost 5 years ago in BC Calc 1 Will not implement

Price breakdown by floor in quoting tool

When using the quote tool in BC Connect there are a few things I would like to see it do. One is provide the Customer Name on the quote sheet, as it is now it puts the job name in but not the customer name. Second is it just gives a total price, I...
almost 5 years ago in BC Connect / Material Lists / Other / Price Management 1 Tracked

Load Link

Can the loads at the support points be linked to design other members?
almost 5 years ago in BC Calc 0 Already exists

Add "Open" Button to New Start Screen

I like the new "Start a New Project" screen. However, an easy improvement would be to add an "Open (another project)" button, so that when the user is not creating a new project, it will easier to get an existing project. To take that a step fur...
almost 5 years ago in BC Estimator 1 Already exists

Not Enter the Bearing with Clear Span

When using Clear Span length, it would be nice not to have to enter a bearing size. While this seems like it would NOT be a real-world scenario, it is a time saver that I have used in other single member sizing programs. In commercial projects, we...
about 5 years ago in BC Calc 1 Already exists

Dynamic Load to Move with End of Member

I want the ability to assign loads other than the Standard Load to be associated to the end of the member, so that when I change the length of the member in BCCalc, that the Load will adjust with the length change. For example, if I have a 16' I-J...
about 5 years ago in BC Calc 1 Planned

Have Sales Contact tied to a Builder

Have the Sales Contact as a field in the Builder Information. This would eliminate the need to manually update the Sales Contact field for each job. If the Sales Contact Changes, the user would update the Builder info and that would effect only ne...
about 5 years ago in BC Connect / Other / Projects 1