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Modify BC Calc to work on my phone

Adjust the user interface so that I can run the application on my phone (5"+ screen).
over 6 years ago in BC Calc 1

Limit BC Calc inventory in BC Connect to the location's inventory

BC Calc shows the inventory of the location's parent organization to include all products that the location has access to purchase. Provide the option for users to toggle the inventory to only display what is in their local inventory settings.
over 6 years ago in BC Calc 0

Short Naming Material

As a User, I would like to have the ability to create a material short name in order to consolidate joist labels across jobs for larger multi-family projects or builders with similar floor plans across the nation. User would have the ability to ch...
over 6 years ago in BC Framer 1 Already exists

Pack groups end-point for BC Connect

Approx Fall of 2021 BC Connect will be able to process matl sub-groups. Would like to expose the matl packs as an data point that Connect can pick up.
over 3 years ago in BC Estimator 0

Add walls to members that can be sent from BC Framer to BC Calc.

Wall design is not enabled in BC Framer, but is in BC Calc. Framer already has tools to input openings quickly, so it would be helpful to take these walls and send them to Calc for tall wall design.
over 3 years ago in BC Calc 1 Will not implement

BC Calc Inventory based on BC Connect location inventory

Allow BC Calc user to choose the option to display only the inventory selected in the location’s inventory settings.
almost 7 years ago in BC Connect 1

Enable saving custom notes in BC Calc on the member "Notes" tab.

The default notes are helpful, but we should be able to create new notes and save them for future use. Legacy BC Calc 4.x had a folder in ProgramData with text files. See <<1-Notes-Text file path.png>> These notes appeared in the appli...
over 3 years ago in BC Calc 1 Planned

Create load development tools for snow drift loads

As a BC Calc user I want tools to help develop snow drift loads per ASCE7
almost 7 years ago in BC Calc 0

Multi select members in Analysis Summary and right-click to change product for all.

Multiple members sent from Framer to Calc are not showing product. It is time consuming to select a product for each member one at a time.
over 3 years ago in BC Calc 1 Planned

Manual Preset Edit and Creation

What they get: Ability to create and edit presets from the Profile/Presets window. In other words, presets can be made and adjusted without having to do any work in the digitizer. What is does: User can make whatever preset types they want for the...
over 3 years ago in BC Estimator 1