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Export BC Calc member data to a BC Connect material list

Export members from BC Calc within BC Connect to a BC Connect material list. Data exported would include label, series depth, length and holes. The user would indicate quantity once the data was displayed in the BC Connect material list interface.
over 6 years ago in BC Calc 1

Addition of BC FloorValue

The addition of BC FloorValue to BC FastPlan would be of benefit so that our builders could review differential deflection.
over 6 years ago in BC FastPlan 1 Planned

Allow BC Connect user to create a new Calc instance from the Project view in BC Connect

Rather than going to the design app to start a new BC Calc analysis, let the user start one from within a project and associate it with the parent builder and project automatically
over 6 years ago in BC Connect 0

Sync data from offline BC Calc to BC Connect on the web

As a BC Calc offline user I want to be able to sync my stored offline files with projects in my organization's BC Connect file repository so that I can work offline but still archive files in the online database.
almost 7 years ago in BC Calc 0

Job Tab Showing incorrect Name while logged into BCConnect

As a User, I want the job file name to show on the top "job tab," and not the first job file name in BCConnect as it is currently showing. This current behavior is confusing.
over 6 years ago in BC FastPlan 0

Unknown Builder missing

As a User, I would like to have a builder listed as “Unknown” for one-off projects or whatever I currently use the "Unknow" builder for now.
over 6 years ago in BC FastPlan 0 Planned

CSD Portal Acess should go to Boise CSD Portal

As a user, I would like the button for CSD Portal to access the Boise portal or give the user the options to select which download page they want to visit.
over 6 years ago in BC FastPlan 0 Planned

Hover Over Analysis Text Clean UP

The hover over Text isn't clear. As a User, I'd like to see this text to be formatted in a more user friendly fashion
over 6 years ago in BC FastPlan 0

Level Name in Header

When a User views and prints the Boise Report, the levels aren’t displayed on the output file. If you have B1 on 3 different levels, in a calc package it is impossible to figure out which B1 you are looking at without a deeper investigation to fig...
over 6 years ago in BC FastPlan 0 Planned

Linking Multiple Material Lists to one Project

If a User wants to create another file into an existing project, the additional .isl file will save to BCConnect, but not the other material list. (Also, the same thing happens with the design service ticket noted above.)
over 6 years ago in BC FastPlan 0 Planned