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BC Calc

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Add Length to Analysis Summary

When you are running a bunch of beams it would be helpful to have a way to locate them better. Adding the length in the summary will allow you to go get a reaction from the 20' beam without having to go into a bunch of beams to see which was the 2...
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 0

Reduce the font size for the member name and description (In Edit member - top right)

We like the new project explorer and the member name at the top right in the edit member screen. However the font size is so large that it truncates the name and description more than necessary. Can you reduce the size to allow more of the text to...
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 0 Planned

Add the partition load option back into the area loadings

You had it before and it is very useful. If the user did not need a partition load you just set it to 0
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 1 Will not implement

BC Calc in Connect needs ability to choose Builder when creating a new analysis and project

Currently the dialog box for a new BC Calc project in BC Connect doesn't show a list of builders. The project must be created first and saved. Then the builder information can be added to the project. Then you have to reload the Calc file for the ...
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 0 Planned

capability to be able to change the order of folders/Elevations

saves time in the long run instead of you reordering pdf files
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 1 Planned

Use Best Analysis - Selecting a product in the product list should populate the member above. Double-click should analyze selected member.

Currently if you want to analyze one of the members in the list you have to double-click the member. Then use the mouse to click the Analyze Member button. It would be faster if I could just double-click the product in the list and design that mem...
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 1 Already exists

Saving BC Calc offline analysis (project) should update the screen header with the file name. (New File)

It would help keep track of the file I'm working on to see the header update with the bccx file name. The file name doesn't show in the header until it is re-opened. This becomes more confusing if I open one file called Smith.bccx and save it as J...
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 1 Already exists

Changes to a default member prefix should take affect immediately.

I use the member prefix to identify first floor or second floor instead of using folders. After making a change to the member prefix the BC Calc application has to be restarted before the prefix is updated. Clicking Analysis Settings "Save" should...
over 4 years ago in BC Calc 1 Planned

When applying a point load above a beam that sits on a post I would like to be able to input the square inch area above. For instance if the load above is a 3.5"x14" versa lam column.

Inputting surface area for point loads above.
about 5 years ago in BC Calc 1 Will not implement

Load Link

Can the loads at the support points be linked to design other members?
about 5 years ago in BC Calc 0 Already exists