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Workspace BC Connect
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 23, 2024

Configure auto-calculation of Actual Designer Time

Problem Context

Following the change to allow the system to provide a calculated value for "Actual Designer Time", give users more control over which DSTs are included in the sum for "Actual Designer Time".


The user can manage which associated DSTs are included in the sum for “Actual Designer Time” via a modal on the Project Edit page:

  • When the user checks/unchecks any DST’s “Add to Total?” the system recalculates the displayed Calculated Total and copies the value into the input field

  • The user can overwrite the value in the input field and will see a notice when the value in the input field does not match the calculated total

  • Clicking “Update” will populate the field in the Project Edit form, the user must still Save the project to persist the change

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