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BC Estimator

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Toggle Individual Label Positions

The ability to toggle an individual beam/joist/rim label justification (from center to left or right, etc) via a hotkey.
9 months ago in BC Estimator 0

Ability to group framing layouts into folders

Similar to grouping pages within the Digitizer, adding the function of grouping framing layouts into folders also (such as Bldg A, Bldg B, etc) and the relevant layouts within that folder.
10 months ago in BC Estimator 1

Allowing Takeoff Items to be re-scaled as a group

If you have drawn a project and the scale was off, when you rescale the page correctly all of the drawn takeoff items are no longer the correct scale. It's tedius to adjust each item individually to the correct scale. If you could select all of th...
10 months ago in BC Estimator 1 Already exists

Undo Button

Would like an undo that would go back maybe 5 steps. Seems it would be easier than having to say drag something to a place and have to drag it back to original spot.. Would use this alot also
about 1 year ago in BC Estimator 1 Will not implement

One Click Mirror Layouts

Would like to be able to mirror a layout without having to go into the job, mirror the background, reimport it in and copy/paste the framing and mirror that. We would use this feature alot!
about 1 year ago in BC Estimator 0

Ability to reorganize hanger labels & sort order

Currently hangers are assigned a label; H1...H23, etc, in the order they are input. However if the sort order could be adjusted manually (without renaming every single hanger in the order you want), such as drag/drop a particular hanger further up...
about 1 year ago in BC Estimator 1

Hover Over shows Preset List and ability to manually Add/Edit Presets

Right clicking on the digitizer tools to show the list of presets could be simplified into a hover over - drop down list. (the computer can do this faster than the user) Within the Profile\Presets menu: Having the ability to change and manually ad...
over 6 years ago in BC Estimator 0

"Draw more sections like this" added to the right click menu in the Take-Off Items list

In complex projects, the list of products used in the file often exceeds the view of the right click menu list and the pages are too large to quickly find a specific item in the digitizer. Having the option to right click on the product name that ...
over 6 years ago in BC Estimator 0 Will not implement

Drag & Drop or Group similar Labels with leaders

Different from the joist group label and hanger group label in a consecutive row. In chase openings, there are multiple hangers, and even joist/beam products that are identical with labels that cover the entire opening. At a minimum having the opt...
over 6 years ago in BC Estimator 0

Adding material weight attributes for EWP products to show up in material reporting

If a weight attribute could be added to a product, either under usages or within the Database tab, and that could show up just like the $ or sku does on our current material reports, this would immensely help us build out trucks for deliveries.
over 1 year ago in BC Estimator 0