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Add Dealer selections in filters/selectors and create new project from create material list tab

Attached are two screen shots. On the picture labeled search, it would be beneficial for the column labeled as builder to be replaced with dealer. When we used our customer names in the builder tab this wasn’t an issue, but now it can make finding...
over 2 years ago in BC Connect / Material Lists / Search 1 Tracked

Warning message for users changing joist series - change may delete hole data

Problem Context: Changing the joist series when importing a .prod material list into BC Connect may cause the joist to lose all its hole information. A warning message such as "Warning, changing joist series may cause the joist to loose it's hole ...
over 2 years ago in BC Connect / Material Lists 1 Tracked

Being able to copy a sub-folder, rename it and all the documents in the folder would copy as well into the newly named folder.

Say you have a folder named Level 2 - within the folder there are 20 manual material list. The projects Level 3 happens to be a identical to level 2. Instead of having to make all new material list or copy them individually the entire folder could...
over 6 years ago in BC Connect / Material Lists / Other 1 Tracked

Price breakdown by floor in quoting tool

When using the quote tool in BC Connect there are a few things I would like to see it do. One is provide the Customer Name on the quote sheet, as it is now it puts the job name in but not the customer name. Second is it just gives a total price, I...
about 5 years ago in BC Connect / Material Lists / Other / Price Management 1 Tracked

It would be helpful if the sub-folders made for a project carried over into the optimizer screen.

Example I have a project with a sub-folder named L2 and one named L3. Both folders consists of material list titled unit 1, unit2, and unit3. Once you go to optimizer to make batch files the sub-folders aren't listed and all you have is a list of ...
over 6 years ago in BC Connect / Material Lists / Operations - Optimization / Other 0 Tracked

When you have a subfolder selected and create a manual material list then save - the material list would stay within the subfolder that was selected

Problem Context: Currently I create multiple sub-folders to keep multifamily projects organized by floor levels. So when I have level 2 selected and create a material list then save it instead of the list staying within the folder it just saves to...
over 6 years ago in BC Connect / Material Lists / Other 0 Tracked